Links of the week and some thoughts on ethics

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This week I have been collecting some links to blog posts that I like or have opinions about, if you have opinions about them too, don’t hesitate to leave a comment!

The first out is this incredibly useful post about gluten and what is safe for gluten-free cooking written by the ever creative Karina over at Karina’s Kitchen. More and more people are being diagnosed as suffering from gluten intolerance and it can be difficult to know what to use when you have to cook for a gluten-free guest or whenever you need or want to know more about it!

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Two recipe links: One is to this Spicy Carrot Salad that Susan over at FatFree Vegan Kitchen is offering us. And we have my friend Jeanne over at Cook Sister who has not only posted a tempting recipe of Chickpea and Paprika Bruschetta but also concocted a chickpea quiz!

And if you hurry, you join in and maybe win some of Sara’s Pocket Coffees ( a very typical Italian pick-me-up) over at Ms.Adventures in Italy, there are a few days left to participate!

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The last link is to Foodethics where you can find the Food Blog Code of Ethics. I really don’t know what to think of this, on the one hand I think that there might be a need of something like this but I suspect that those who might need it really couldn’t care less and that they never would be bothered to go and take a look. I do know that I have my own view on food blogging and the ethics of it and that will hardly change because of this Code but then I have been trying to live in an ethical way for the most part of my life and that obviously reflects (or at least should) in most aspects of what I do including what I do here. I never accept food samples to promote, I do accept books to review but I only review them if I like them and feel that I can recommend them and I always tell my readers that I got it free for review. I am not at all against advertising as long as it is done in an open way, I think honesty is one of the most important principles for a happy life and that means that your actions have to clear and transparent. Now I would like to hear what your opinions about the need of a site like this and do you have a code of ethics for your blogging? Or if you are not a blogger, what do you expect from us bloggers?

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