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I am stealing a moment on Marco’s computer, still no sign of mine but now I know what is wrong and that I will have it back with me next week. But that is without counting with the Pistoian style, here they might say “It will be fixed on Tuesday” or “I will come on Thursday” but that doesn’t necessarily mean that they intend
this Tuesday or this Thursday but any Tuesday or Thursday in the infinite future. So after many years here, I am prepared for the worst. I usually try to look at it as a sort of exercise for the strengthening of my character, patience is a virtue and I certainly will not loose anything by practicing that virtue.
For obvious reasons I have not had the opportunity to collect any interesting links this week but I have been reading an interesting book that I bought. I have been thinking about fat lately, it started by itself and then I read an interesting article about lard in an Italian food magazine a couple of months ago that confirmed some of my thoughts about animal fat being unfairly victimized as our worst enemy. So when Melissa of The Traveler’s Lunchbox wrote lyrically about the book fat by Jennifer McLagan, I immediately ordered a copy. Now I can understand that this in many respects is a controversial book but I cannot but agree with McLagan that animal fats have been unfairly seen as the demon in the kitchen, not all of us need to be careful with what we eat because of colestereol (and that animal fats is the sole cause of that is something McLagan does contest) and I honestly am more scared by processed vegetable oils and fats that I am by some fat on my meat, I am actually glad if I can get nicely marbled meat because I know that it will taste better. What I do care about is not to eat too much of it, just as I try not to eat too much bread or chocolate. Balance is the key word. And that goes for most aspects in our lives. If you are interested in this matter, and you should be, read this book, there is much food for thought. Plus it is filled with lovely and varied recipes, you can be sure that I will make my own lard as soon as I can find the right type of fat!

I have another book that I wanted to say a few words about, quite a long time ago, I was contacted by Elisabetta Tiveron who had got my name from an fellow Italian food blogger. She asked me if I happened to have any Pippi Longstocking books and if so, could I lend her them as she was writing on a book on Pippi and cooking. I don’t know about the newer generations in Sweden but I have grown up on a diet of Pippi Longstocking books, I have all the three in old editions so I was happy to lend her the ones I had. Pippi is such an important part of my female identification and I could write several posts about what she has meant to me and Swedish woman in general but I won’t. Be happy for that is all I say. Anyway, a couple of days ago I received a book in the mail and I was really happy to have Elisabetta’s book Pippi Calzelunghe, piccola grande cuoca. Comfort food in salsa svedese in my hands. I read it all in one sitting and it was a very interesting read, I never really thought about the food in the Pippi books because it is all the food that I used to eat as a child, it was just there so I was, and am, delighted by Elisabetta’s idea of exploring the theme. (There are other books by Astrid Lindgren like the books in the Emil series where I remember the food because it was somehow sticking out, being different from my own diet). And not only does she write about it, she also gives us the recipes that she rightly has adapted a little to Italian standards when needed. If there are any Italian readers here, I can recommend this book, you will probably understand Sweden and maybe even me a bit better after reading it and you might even find a new favourite recipe!

So now I have to go, my computer time is up. I will be back with a recipe tomorrow.

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