Spiced by Dalia Jurgensen – a review

Some time ago I received a book to review, it was the autobiographical book SpicedDalia Jurgensen, famous pastry chef who writes bout how she decided to give up her safe office job to become a chef, how she pusued her dream and through hard work managed to make it come through. Hard work and a bit of luck because I don’t think that many people manage to get their first job at a restaurant like written by Nobu even before they have started attending a culinary school without a bit of luck. But you don’t keep it, nor do you get other jobs in high class restaurants like Layla, Veritas and La Cote Basque unless you have talent and is a hard worker.
I enjoyed reading
Spiced, it is almost always interesting to read about life in professional kitchens and here you get behind the scene of top class restaurants, you even get a peek at what it is to work in the test kitchen of Martha Stewart. And Dalia Jurgensen is sometimes surprisingly personal and candid about how she feels and things she does, adding a bit of spice to the book. But most of all I enjoyed her descriptions of how she creates desserts and pastries, the creative process of it; it is not easy to write about food in a way that makes you head straight for the kitchen or to a restaurant, but some people manage to do that, conveying their love for it in a way that contaminates you with their passion. And Ms Jurgensen managed to do just that with me, since I read the book, I have been baking far more often and making more desserts than I have done for a long time and to me that is a good sign!
If you want to know more about her, see her website My Spiced Life and/or her guest blog over at Penguin.

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