Crostini With Asparagus Cream And Smoked Pancetta

Fresh Asparagus

I feel as if I haven’t done anything else than cooking food and especially working on cakes and desserts this long weekend of Easter and birthday celebrations, I feel rather satiated and tired of the whole thing but I know this will change, I have had a lot of ideas that I want to try out very soon. And once they have insinuated themselves into my brain, the ideas I mean, they buzz and buzz and disturb me until I try them out. It can be quite annoying so you can be sure that I will do my best to clear my head!

Today I am offering an easy and relatively light idea for crostinis, I used fresh asparagus to make a super simple cream and then I topped it with smoked pancetta and scallion. Surprisingly flavourful despite the few ingredients!

Crostini With Asparagus Cream And Smoked Pancetta

12 crostini

24 asparagus spears, medium size
100 g smoked pancetta or bacon, diced
the green part of 3 scallions, chopped
12 small slices of bread, for example a baguette

– Clean and snap off the woody part of the asparagus, if you need, peel off the skin.
– Cut the asparagus into 5-6 pieces each and cook in a little water until soft.
– Drain the asparagus (but keep the liquid in case you will need it later) and run it in a mixer until smooth. If it is too thick (which I doubt) you can add a little of the liquid. Add salt and stir well.
– Fry pancetta and scallion until the pancetta is crispy.
– Spoon some of the asparagus cream on the bread and top with the pancetta and scallion mix. And it is ready.

Crostini With Asparagus Cream And Smoked Pancetta

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