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When I think about my childhood and my mother I think pancakes, she made the best pancakes I ever tasted and only sometimes I manage to get that taste she ‘produced’ every time despite the fact that I use her same recipe but as we cook in the same way (intuition and feeling and not exact measures is the core of it) I can only put it down to her having the pancake touch and that I only have that on certain days. Now we must remember what we call pancakes in Sweden is not what you can pancakes in other countries, our pancakes are more like crepes, they are thin and there’s no baking powder/soda in them. We usually roll them up with a jam, nutella or a simple sugar filling and they are perfect when you want to make pancake cakes!

Cinnamon Polenta Pancakes With Jam - Gluten-free

Today I have made pancakes but as it is Friday and time for Gluten-free Friday, I have made polenta pancakes; after a couple of trial runs, I managed to get a good batter that keeps together even though you need to be a little careful not to turn it over before it is properly cooked. And they taste good too which is just as important, isn’t it?
I almost forgot, I wanted to tell you that since I have decided to reduce the number of posts per week, I will not do Gluten-free Friday every week but I promise to at least do it every two weeks!

Cinnamon Polenta Pancakes With Jam - Gluten-free

about 6 large pancakes

300 ml/1,25 cup finely ground polenta flour
400 ml/1,7 cup milk
4 eggs
75 g/2,65 oz butter, melted
2 tblsp sugar
1 tsp ground cinnamon
1/2 tsp salt

– Mix milk and flour.
– Add eggs, melted butter, sugar, cinnamon and salt and whisk until smooth.
– Fry the pancakes preferably in a cast iron skillet but any skillet goes. The bottom of mine is about 22 cm/8,65 in wide. I fry about 100 ml/0,42 cup at a time. Be careful to let the pancakes cook long enough before you turn them over, otherwise the can easily break.
– Serve with a filling of your choice, in the photos you see a mixed berry jam filling.

Cinnamon Polenta Pancakes With Jam - Gluten-free

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