I have been thinking a lot about honesty lately, having children and especially teenagers makes me realize how important honesty is to me. Honesty as in being honest and not steal nor cheat, honesty as in being honest and true to yourself and others. It is not an easy task to transmit that to a teenager in the stage where they only have one perspective of life, i.e. with themselves in the absolute centre and a very shaky concept of right and wrong when it comes to the choice of taking the easy way out! Don’t know if you recognize this situation? I am not talking about breaking any laws here, just life. I have been struggling with the concept of honesty and not cheating myself about my motives even since I was very young, maybe that is what has made living difficult, the ways I have disappointed myself through the years and my former incapacity of forgiving myself. Nowadays I do and that is also something I try to transmit, it took me so long to learn myself so I hope I can help my children a bit on the way by making them understand that you have to learn from your mistakes and then move forwards, trying not to do the same again. If possible.

Orange Ricotta Mousse With Orange Caramel

After all this heaviness you need a mousse! You need an Orange Ricotta Mousse with Orange Caramel!

Orange Ricotta Mousse With Orange Caramel

6 servings

3 oranges, juice and zest of + the zest of the one you use for the caramel
4 tbslp orange blossom honey
500 g/ 1,1 lb fresh ricotta, the best quality you can get
4 leaves of gelatin

1 orange, the juice of
150 ml/0,63 cup sugar
candied orange peel, finely chopped

– Put the gelatin to soak in cold water for about 10 minutes.
– Warm up the juice of the three oranges a little and then add gelatin, the grated orange zest of four oranges and the honey and stir well until it has all dissolved completely.
– Pass the liquid through a finely meshed sieve, press well to extract it all from the remaining zest.
– Mix the liquid with the ricotta, the easiest way to do this well is to whisk it.
– Spoon the mousse into bowls, ramekins or moulds and put them into the fridge for at least three hours.
– Before serving prepare the caramel: put sugar and the juice of one orange in a non-stick pan and shake it over the heat until completely dissolved. Continue and when it has turned caramel coloured, add the candied orange peel.
– Pour the caramel on a parchment paper or a greased surface and let it get cold. Break it into pieces, big or small, you choose.
– De-mould the mousses, put the on plates and sprinkle the caramel over.

Orange Ricotta Mousse With Orange Caramel

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