How To Make Fresh Cheese

Fresh Cheese in drainer

This weekend I have been making fresh cheese, I haven’t made that for years but now I am at it again, it is so easy and it is so good! I use an old recipe that I really can’t remember where I found, maybe I copied it from somewhere, maybe someone gave it to me, what I do know is that this recipe is a great base recipe and that you can embroider it as you feel like, I made traditional fresh cheese covered with chives and black pepper with one part of it and with the rest I just made plain ones that I served with honey. But I list a long list of ingredients that I will add in the future: garlic, fresh herbs, really finely chopped sun-dried tomatoes, olives are just a few. Just remember that if you are making sweet ones, you have to exclude the salt.

Fresh Cheese With Chives and Black Pepper

4 small ones

1,5 litres/6,3 cups whole fat milk
500 ml/2,1 cup fresh cream
2 tsp chemical or animal rennet, I use chemical that I buy in my pharamacy
1 tsp salt (if you make sweet ones, exclude this)

– Pour milk and cream into a pan and heat it up to about 50°C/122°F.
– Add salt and rennet and mix very well. Leave it to stand and stabilize for about 1,5 hour.
– Pour the liquid and all into a cheesecloth-lined colander or sieve set over a bowl or tray and leave it to drip off the excess liquid for 3 hours.
– If you want to add ingredients to the cheese, this is when you do it.
– Now you can eat it straight away if you want or you can take the fresh cheese and pack it into small draining baskets that you put on a plate or a tray and leave overnight.
– If you just want to cover the cheese with an ingredient or more, you put the finely chopped ingredient on a plate and then roll the cheese in it before serving it.

Fresh Cheese With Honey

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