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I am back after a blitz fever, sudden and annoying. That’s why Gluten-free Friday has to wait until next Friday and why I have nothing to offer you today. No that’s not true because I wanted to present you with a handful of links to various blogs, I was lucky enough to get into that list of the Times but now I would like to give you a small list of blogs that I like and enjoy reading!
I also would like to remind you that next week the Paper Chef is on again and I really would like to see more participants so please click over to add to the ingredient list and to check out what the Paper Chef is all about!
Just to let you know, I knew that using a full rss-feed would mean that my content would be scraped and used without my consent and as it has started now, this will be my last post with full rss-feed, I am sorry, I know many of you want to be able to read blogs in your rss readers, but this is unfortunately the only way to prevent it from happening.

The List:

I’m Mad and I Eat is an old acquaintance but I just have to include it here, a very original, witty and personal food blog with a serious approach to food that I really like and enjoy.

The Pauper’s Kitchen
is written by a Brit living in Paris and it has a nice mix between recipes and personal observations that I appreciate.

The Buff Chickpea
is written by Hayley, young in years but not in cooking experience!

The Gourmet Worrier
is another pretty new foodblog that I enjoy reading, you will find a lot of interesting things there.

Finally one of my most faithful readers has started her own food blog, Samurai Viking Cuisine, I needed that! You will find a true cosmopolitan cuisine there!

If you read Swedish you have to go to the blog of Daniel Roos, pastry designer who is the Chief pastry chef at Operkällaren, one of the finest restaurants in Sweden. He generously shares his knowledge and recipes on his blog.

Sweet Paul is always inspiring to visit, it is the blog of Paul Lowe, a Norwegian food stylist, stylist, cookbook writer who lives and works in New York and who also generously sharing his knowledge and work with us on his blog.

A Matter of Form
is the blog of Cecilia Levi who is a very talented illustrator, creator, bookbinder, artist who I had the pleasure of meeting at the vernissage of my photo exhibition in last September. I already knew her through her and her husband’s blog but I was very happy to be able to see and touch her.

is always a pleasure to visit, quirky and personal! It is so good to know people who says what they think without always thinking about what is supposedly correct! posts incredible photos every day. And a lot more to explore and get inspired by.

Photoshop disasters is very lightweight but I am almost always amazed by the sloppiness of people calling themselves professionals!

Post Secret
of course, not only is it a beautiful idea but it is for a very worthy cause too!

I hope you found something here that you didn’t know of already and that you liked!

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