Back and forth am I (or is it I am?) rocked from hope to despair here when it comes to the weather and the possibilities of springtime. One day I can feel spring in the air with birds happily twittering away, the next I am so cold so cold and I have to run in between raindrops in order to get to wherever it is I want to go relatively dry. I know I probably am asking too much but I really couldn’t care less – Bring on the Spring! My children told me the other day that this winter has passed so fast-I didn’t agree. Christmas seems to have passed in another life-time and whatever happened before that is long forgotten. Something is wrong with them because after all they go to school and I have been told that they are not enjoying it so I think their time should pass slooowly if that is the case. Can it be that they are lying to me? Are they really having the time of their lives and just complaining in order to keep up their image of being bored teenagers? The smallest one who just started school is enjoying it immensely, brimming with interesting things to share at the end of the day but then she doesn’t care about a personal image. Yet. But that time will come and too soon; I wish she could remain what she is forever but she wont.

So I drink a smoothie instead and try to forget. To be honest I don’t need any help to forget, I’m pretty good at it on my own but it is such a good excuse to have a pomegranate and apple smoothie.

Pomegranate and Apple Smoothie

1 big one

1/2 pomegranate or 100-150 ml/0,42-0,63 cup pomegranate juice + the rest of the pomegranate seeds to add to the finished smoothie (optional)
1 apple
1-3 tblsp sugar or honey depending on how sweet you want it. If at all.
3-4 tblsp natural yoghurt
150 ml/0,63 cup milk

– If you use a fresh pomegranate, press the seeds in a sieve, I find that using my thumbs is the best way to press out the most of the juice.
– Peel the apple and slice it really thinly. Put in a small pan, add pomegranate juice and sugar and let it simmer slowly for about 10 minutes.
– Run the apple and the liquid in a mixer until smooth. Let it cool down completely.
– Add yoghurt and milk and run the mixer until comletely blended.
– Serve as it is or stir in the rest of the pomegranate seeds. I recommend it!

Pomegranate and Apple Smoothie

A pomegranate recipe here on Lucullian, for more recipes see the recipe index:


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