Things you need to make sausages

I very rarely buy sausages, come to think of it I only buy my butcher’s more than excellent salsicce and a certain type of sausage once a year when we are in Sweden. I just don’t trust the quality and I don’t like all the extras they put into them plus that the meat content is too low most of the time. And that fat content too high. When I grew up my parents made sausages every Christmas, some years they turned out exceptional, some years just good but to me it was the sausage making that was interesting and I usually helped them making it. Well maybe not when I was in the tunnel of early adolescence but often enough to know that it isn’t difficult to make home-made sausages.

Homemade Chicken and Pancetta Sausage With Rosemary

But it wasn’t until now I actually got going and made some myself and confirmed that it is really easy even though I only use a manual sausage stuffer or whatever the funnel like thing on the left in the photo above and don’t have that great sausage making attachment that my parents had to their Kenwood, I don’t even have a Kenwood/Kitchen Aid, just a very old fashioned hand-driven meat grinder but still, it is really simple to make sausages. You need sausages skins, I use salted pig intestines, meat and fat because without some fat they are not good but making themselves I can at least control how much. I made meters of different types of sausages this weekend and enjoyed every moment of it. Today I am posting the recipe of a chicken and pancetta sausage I made but I will post about other types of sausages in the future because this is too fun!

Homemade Chicken and Pancetta Sausage With Rosemary

about 8 pretty big ones

sausage skins
450 g/1 lb chicken breast
150 g/5,3 oz uncured pancetta (I think pork belly is the same). You can also use pure fat and more of either if you want, I like them this way but do experiment to find your own favourite mix between meat and fat.
1-1,5 tsp salt
3 pinches (or more) ground pepper, you choose the type you want
1 sprig of rosemary

– If you use intestines for sausage skin, put them to soak for a couple of hours in cold water. Then put the skin onto the tap and let water run through it to make it it easier to stuff and to check that it isn’t broken somewhere.
– Grind the chicken and the pancetta. I grind it twice and quite finely but this is up to you, you can do a coarser grind or just grind it once.
– Chop the rosemary finely and mix it with salt and pepper before adding it to the meat.
– Mix really well and then start to fill the skins. Slip on the skin onto the ‘stuffer’, this goes for both manual ones and the kitchen robot attachments. If you use a kitchen robot you better check out the manual to get it all right, here I describe the manual mode. Pull out a bit of sausage skin, if you want you can tie a knot to prevent the meat to escape, and start stuffing the meat into the funnel with your thumb or any other means that you find comfortable. Don’t pack the skin too full.
– When you have finished the stuffing, make single sausages by twisting the skin a couple of times at even distances, you can tie a string around if you want but the sausages usually keep their shape anyway.
– Now take out a skillet, cook and eat.

Homemade Chicken and Pancetta Sausage With Rosemary

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