Ravioli is one of the most brilliant food inventions ever I think, to make an ‘envelope’ of pasta dough and fill it with whatever comes into your mind is close to genius in my view. I will not claim it as Italian because you can find ravioli like food all over the world which proves that nothing is new under the sun and that all humans are driven by curiosity and will to improve their conditions of life. Both aspects are quite reassuring and right now I think we need to be reassured, wars, conflicts and financial crises is dominating media. Nothing wrong with media (well there is but I am not going into that now) but they tend to go for the same news, the usual countries and more or less reflecting the financial interests. They make us forget about the small communities that manage to go on in a slower pace. The people who actually do something for their fellow beings and often with simple means. To catch the interest of the media you have to be fast, at least it seems so to me but I wish they could catch up on the slow pace as well because I know we could all learn from that. Oops, I was going to write about ravioli and the ramble took over, back to the food. These ravioli are quite tasty, carrot and orange is a great combination and the addition of parmesan and fresh ricotta gives it more body.

Carrot and Orange Filled Ravioli Served with Butter and Sage

30 rather big ones

300 ml/1,25 cup pasta flour
1 egg
big pinch of salt

300 g/10,6 oz carrots, peeled
2 oranges, grated zest and juice
4-6 tblsp parmesan, freshly grated
6 tblsp fresh ricotta

butter, salted
fresh sage leaves

– Mix flour, salt and the egg. Mix well and then start adding water little by little until you have an elastic dough. Leave it to rest.
– If you have a pasta machine, work the dough in it and finish by making long sheets of pasta on the thinnest thickness. Always dust abundantly with flour.
If you work by hand, roll out the dough into a very thin large sheet with a rolling pin and cut it into strips about 10 cm/4 in wide.
– Grate the carrots coarsely and braise a skillet in olive oil together with the orange zest and the juice. Add a little salt and cook until the carrots have softened, stirring all the time.
– Put in a bowl and add parmesan and ricotta. Mix very well.
– Put a tsp of the filling in even intervals on the pasta dough, remember to make enough space in between the mounds as you have to cut out the raviolis. Fold over the pasta and pat all around every mound so that the filling is sealed into the pasta.
– Cut out the ravioli with a knife or with one of those wavy cutting wheels (or whatever they can be called, help please!).
– Put quite a lot of butter in a small pan together with sage leaves and let it get slightly burnt.
– Meanwhile you are doing that, you drop the ravioli into salted, boiling water and cook them for about 3-4 minutes.
– Drain the ravioli, put in a bowl and pour the butter over them al. Mix carefully and serve.

Carrot and Orange Filled Ravioli Served with Butter and Sage

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