Wishing you….

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The Old Year is leaving…

good day

… the New Year is almost here!

And I hope it will be a good one. Speaking for myself, I can’t say that last year was a really good one even though in many respects it was. It started in Minor minor with my mother’s passing away and that key set the tune for the rest of the year somehow. But there have been many positive things as well: I went to the Expat’s GTG that Sara of Ms.Adventures in Italy organized and had a great time, I met several really nice fellow food bloggers like Jeni, Lien and Lara, I had my first solo exhibition and I SOLD!, I joined a wonderful group of food bloggers and became a Bread Baking Babe, work wise I have done several things that I will show you in the future, my private life is god, I have a great family and I could go on like this and maybe I should just to make me appreciate all I have but that would just bore you and the problem doesn’t really lie in not appreciating the good things but having lost a bit of my joie de vivre. So I will dedicate next year to the recovery of what I have lost and maybe even realizing that I gained something from all this.

One thing is sure – having readers like I have out there who really cheer me up (I will not forget all your lovely comments here for example!) is something that makes life worth living! Thank you all and I really wish you A Happy New Year! Let the love flow!

Love and peace

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