VIRTUAL HUGS FOR BARBARA in the form of Ginger Infused Clementines with Cloves

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The weekend of love has started! Love should always be around of course but this weekend it will be intensified and directed towards a very special person who me and Bron of Bron Marshall want to give many many Virtual Hugs, and we will be joined by many other food bloggers around the world in a big Virtual Hug. But who are we hugging you wonder? Barbara of Winosandfoodies, this beautiful woman who yet again has to go through the tough ordeal of chemotheraphy and all what that brings with it and who obviously is not feeling that good right now. Barbara is one of those people who I never met in person but I instantly liked and respected when I met her on her blog, she has a light touch that remains and I sincerely hope that I one day will be able to give her a big hug in real life! But until then, this big Virtual Hug full of love is for you Barbara! Keep on going and come back to blogging soon! I have made you a dessert with a little Christmas feeling to it, light, tangy and fresh, I hope you will like it.

Bron and I have asked some fellow foodbloggers to join us but if there is someone out there that we forgot (and that is VERY probable, please forgive us) but who wants to give Barbara a Virtual Hug this weekend, contact me and I will give you the details. Or just send us the link to your post so that we can give Barbara the complete Hug list!


Ginger Infused Clementines with Cloves


ginger syrup (if you don’t have any it is very easy to make on your own and you will end up with candied ginger as well! Check out this recipe from Cookie Baker Lynn)

– Peel the clementines and then carefully cut off the white, thin membrane (or whatever it can be called) all around the outside. Be careful not to divide the wedges and to keep the clementine intact.
– Simmer the ginger syrup with the cloves for 5 minutes in a pan before you put the clementines into it and let them simmer along for 2-3 minutes, it depends on how big they are. If they are not completely immersed in the syrup, turn them over in half time.
– Let the clementines cool down and marinate in the ginger syrup for at least one hour before serving.

Ginger Infused Clementines with Cloves

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