Fresh Basil Pesto, Rough Version

After more than three years of blogging I will today, for the first time, participate in the long-lived creation of Barbara of winosandfoodies, the Hay Hay it’s Donna Day, that now is under the lovely thumb of Bron Marshall. About time I would say! This month it’s Joey of 80 breakfasts, another lovely food blogger, who is hosting the event and she has chosen the inspiring theme of pesto for us to create with. I feel a little bit as a intruder here because I know very little about Donna Hay and her cooking, I did leaf through one of her cookbooks once and liked what I saw but I never used any of her recipes. But now I have because I used the pesto recipe that Joey provides on her blog and even though I left out the garlic because I still feel the aftermath’s of the stomach flu and the black pepper because I just can’t see it in a pesto, I really liked it, I think that the lemon zest is a brilliant addition to the traditional pesto! I made some handy and easy to make appetizers with this season’s first artichokes, small and spiny but as good as always, and I think you will agree with me that artichokes and pesto are made for each other!

Puff Pastry Baskets with Artichokes and Pesto

6 baskets

puff pastry
rough chop basil pesto (I didn’t use garlic nor black pepper)
3 artichokes
lemon juice of 1/2 lemon
extra-virgin olive oil

– Make the pesto following the directions.
Prepare the artichokes and cut them into thin wedges.
– Braise the artichokes in a little water and the lemon juice until soft. Add salt.
– Cut circles of puff pastry that are a bit smaller that the total size of the wholes in the muffins pan and then line each hole with puff pastry, the baskets will have nice wavy edges.
– Fill the puff pastry with dry lentils or beans and bake in a pre-heated oven (200°C/390°F) for approx. 10 minutes.
– Mix artichokes with the pesto and fill each puff pastry basket with them.

Puff Pastry Baskets with Artichokes and Pesto

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