sage and rosemary

This past week we received our share of this year’s new extra-virgin olive oil and as usual we felt like children on Christmas. Well I did at least, it is one of the highlights of the year, what will it be like this year? As good as last or maybe even better? As if I would remember but I pretend. No probably it’s not me who doesn’t remember but the fact that the olive oil we buy is always so good! We buy it from a very dear friend, Gino, who lovingly grows his olives ecologically in Salento in Puglia or Apulia. Now Gino is a very special person, I even dare to call him unique, he is generous, fun, kind and alive and he is a very learned person too; we really like him, me and Marco and especially at this time of the year when we buy his wonderful oil! This year is really good, flowery and rounded but still with that decidedly olive oil after taste and I couldn’t resist to make some bottles of herb infused olive oil for use later on this winter-I am really looking forward to that! I took rosemary and sage but you can use almost any herb you want!
(If you live in Italy or close by and are interested in acquiring some of Gino’s oil, contact me so I can give you his email address!)

Updated: Olivia pointed out in a comment that it can be useful to read this when making this oil and I thank her for that, it is important to avoid health hazards when we cook. I wonder though if it would be better to ‘disinfect’ the herbs by steaming them before you use them as I doubt that the flavours will develop in the fridge and there’s still a risk for botulism. I have to check this out. I have made this oil like this before and nothing has happened but it is important to be aware of the dangers!

Sage infused extra-virgin olive oil


extra-virgin olive oil of high quality
fresh herbs, I used rosemary for one bottle and sage for the other

– Pour the olive oil into the bottle, it can be big and it can be small.
– Add the fresh herbs. The amount depends on how big the bottle is and how strong you want the taste. A sprig looks good but you can use loose leaves too.
– Leave it to rest in a dark, cool but not cold place for 3-4 weeks.
– Enjoy it!

sage and rosemary oil

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