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Now and then I make a post about what I am reading and today it’s time again. My pile isn’t that high at the moment and some of the books are books that I read a bit in now and then, like the one at the very bottom, The Photography Reader edited by Liz Wells. It’s a collection of essays on photography from various aspects and it is nice to delve into when I feel that I need to think, some essays are very good, others less good but still worth reading. Another one that I read in once or twice a week is the more practical Still Life and Special Effects Photography, full of diagrams and explanations, just the way I like it. Camera Work, The Complete Photographs 1913-1917 is a wonderful book that covers all the issues of the photo journal of Alfred Stieglitz, maybe the most influential journal of them all. Stunning photographs and I love Taschen books for all their photography editions! I forgot to add my newest book on photography, one that I am very much looking forward to read, Annie Leibovitz’s latest book At Work.
Just one food book in the pile, A pranzo con la storia by Luciano Sterpellone that deals with food from an historical perspective. A wonderful book that I discovered among the books I got from my parents is Bordet är dukat, a book about design and different ways of decorating and laying out a table from 1956 and with beautiful tables created by big names in Scandinavian and Swedish design like Estrid Ericson, Astrid Sampe och S.E. Skavonius.
Three books of pure literature: Our Mutal Friend by Charles Dickens, the more I read by him, the more I admire him. Love it! A Camilleri book, Le ali della sphinge that I found in another pile of books and that I had completely forgotten to read. Very strange. And the last, a book I read 10 years ago and loved very much and now I am looking forward rereading it, Letters From Egypt by Lucie Duff Gordon.
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