How to make you own cup of dense hot chocolate.

A cup of dense hot chocolate

The first time I had a cup of it I fell in love, head over heels and I haven’t really recovered yet even though it must be more that 20 years ago… I had been drinking hot chocolate for most of my life but the Swedish version is rather liquid and served preferably with whipped fresh cream on top, very good but nothing like the cup of dense hot chocolate I first had in a bar in Brescia all these years ago. And I was so taken aback by it that it took me over 15 years to realize that I actually can easily make it on my own. Does it ever happen to you that something seems so unreachable that you don’t even imagine that you, yes you, could make it in your own kitchen? Oh I could buy little sachets of it in food shops and then add milk but to actually mix the ingredients myself? Nonono. But now I know better. And now I even make my dense, hot, wonderful cup of chococolate better by adding spices to it, sometimes I take cinnamon, sometimes cardamom or whatever I feel like. The world is full of flavours that you can put into your own cup of dense hot chocolate!

A cup of dense hot chocolate

2 rather big cups

4 tblsp high quality cocoa powder
3-4 tblsp sugar
4 tblsp corn starch
400 ml/1,7 cup milk
spices or some other desired flavour

– Mix cocoa, sugar and corn starch very well.
– Pour milk into a pan and then add the dry ingredients while you whisk.
– Bring to the boil under constant stirring until it has reached the desired density.
– Drink and enjoy!

A cup of dense hot chocolate

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