Cappucino Tapioca Cream with Chocolate Chips

This is a last minute post, last week I realized that I wanted to participate in Meeta‘s Monthly Mingle event, she has chosen tea and coffee as the theme this month and as I have a lot of ideas in this area, especially when it comes to coffee I just have to send her an entry! Meeta is a one of those food bloggers who has become a friend even though we never met; she is a really sweet person who cares about me enough to send me emails when she thinks I am low which is truly incredible. Now I am going to use a word that I have always disliked because it gets so misused but here it is, I am grateful for all these great friends blogging has given me, not only other bloggers but also readers, grateful to that impulse that made me start blogging and happy about what it has brought me. Stop. I have noticed I am in a sentimental period right now, I cry to music and films a go go and I am sorry that it spills out even here, I’ll do my best to constrain myself now.

So here we have a Cappuccino Tapioca Cream with Chocolate Chips, so simple to make and if you like the combination of coffee and chocolate, a perfect little dessert! Even I like it and I hate coffee with sugar in it!

Cappucino Tapioca Cream with Chocolate Chips

3-4 servings

60 g/ 2,1 oz tapioca pearls
350 ml/ 1,5 cup milk
100 ml/0,42 cup very strong espresso coffee
50 ml-100 ml/0,2-0,4 cup sugar
dark high quality chocolate

– Soak the tapioca pearls in cold water for 1 hour.
– Put tapioca, milk, coffee and sugar in a pan and simmer under constant stirring until the tapioca has become transparent and it has become thick and creamy.
– Chop the chocolate.
– When the tapioca cream has cooled down a bit, spoon it into small bowls and glasses, putting layers of choclate in between.
– Top with more chocolate chips and serve!

Cappucino Tapioca Cream with Chocolate Chips

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