Antique Egg Cups

I am back to blogging even though you will have to wait until tomorrow for a new recipe, still need to recuperate a bit over here. And catching up on a lot of things here at home. And taking a snooze on the sofa because that is what I am planning to after I have finished this blog post, I love taking one of those blitz snoozes with people around talking and doing things and you just kind of float away in a semi-conscious trance and wake up feeling as fresh as you’d have been sleeping for hours. That’s what I want to do.

It’s been good to have a bit of a break because now I have a lot of new recipe ideas that I long to try out, today I tried on of them and I liked it so much that I will make it again tonight for dinner! Tomorrow will be a day filled with cooking, I can feel that…

It’s nice to be back, see you tomorrow!

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