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I have been tagged by Anne in Oxfordshire to do one of those 6 random things memes, I have done several in the past but as it is becoming a tradition to do one now and then, here we are. The only problem is to come up with 6 random things about myself that can be of at least faintly interesting to you. And that I hopefully haven’t said before. I’ll try, you can always read it before going to bed instead of a nightcap!

1. I am very happy for the books I inherited from my parents, my father collected books and because of me studying English literature, he put in an extra effort in that area so now I have a treasure of English literature, I have so much to read, re-read and enjoy! Not to speak about all the other books like old cookbooks, I find so much inspiration in the cookbooks I got from them.

2. The olive picking has started here, I see nets and people on almost every olive field I pass and I am so happy that I don’t have to do it! I hate picking and collecting things, I get bored after 1o minutes if not before. We have one olive tree and that is just enough.

3. I have recently realized that I have passed some kind of borderline and now feel more Italian than Swedish. If I feel anything at all.

4. There was a period of my life as a student when my clothes just broke down (do you say that about clothes?) in one way or another every time I went out. I could have been sitting down the whole evening or dancing like a mad, it didn’t matter, something was always ripped or torn and I never knew when it happened. Very strange. Can you have poltergeist clothes?

5. My favourite colours are green and violet and all their nuances but recently I have begun to like colours I used to dislike very much like orange and pink. and others. It makes me happy and hopeful for the future. Widening the spectrum of your likings is good for you.

6. My all time favourite movie is Harold and Maude, I recognize myself in both Harold and Maude. I love it, I have learnt so much from it through the years.

Thank you Anne for tagging me. And for always passing by and leaving thoughtful comments, I appreciate them a lot!

I know that I should tag people but I am lazy, well OK I’ll tag some! Do it if you feel like it, no pressure!

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