Recipe index on the go!

Red tomatoes

I just wanted to point out that the first four categories of my new, updated recipe index are out- you can find them in the right hand margin under LUCULLIAN RECIPES -THE WHOLE INDEX. That WHOLE is a slight exaggeration as you can only find the first four categories but I thought that if I wrote like this, I have to work faster in order to live up to my bragging there in the margin!
Another good thing (because I take it for granted that you find an updated and more analytical recipe index something very good) is that I am converting the measures in the older recipes so that all my recipes on Lucullian will be user-friendly not only for us using the metric system but also for those of you who are not. Converting the recipes makes me feel incredibly good, I sort of pat myself on the head every half hour or so. Sad isn’t it?
OK, I just wanted to say this, now I have to stop, need to start on the next four categories…