Nectarine and lemon dessert

The photos for the exhibition are ready, I have a big parcel to take with me, I almost wish I could put hand cloves on it because I fear that I will forget it somewhere, you know one of those Freudian moments when your subconscious runs wild. I’m leaving from here tomorrow, the opening of the exhibition is on Tuesday and on Thursday I’m back here again. I wish you all could come, some of my Swedish readers are which will be fun and some friends who I haven’t seen for a long time are coming too so I am almost beginning to see it as a social event instead! And on top of that, the family of the two small children (not so small now though, actually they are adults) I used to be a nanny for before I got my act together and started to study properly, have invited me and my best friends for dinner afterwards, if you’re reading this Britt-Arnhild, we’re going to Hambergs Fisk! This is so typical of them, a gesture that makes things more special. The only problem I have now is this stupid feeling of “Do I deserve all these people being so nice to me” and no I am not asking for you to say “yes of course”, it’s just that lately with all this grief and stuff I feel as if I have been turned so much towards myself and so little towards others that I honestly can’t feel that my behaviour deserves this. OK, the therapy moment is over, I will work on it and try to be a better person from now on!

Sometimes I get nectarines and peaches that really don’t taste much, they have been picked far too early for their (and our) own good so in order to make them edible, you have to do something to them. I was in a mood for zingy lemon so I stopped at that but this little ‘dish’ can be improved in so many way and I wanted to ask you, what spices etc. would you add to it?

Nectarine and lemon dessert

4 servings

4 small nectarines
1 small lemon, sliced
300 ml/1,2 cup water
4 tblsp honey, I used acacia honey

– Slice the nectarines and put them in a small pan.
– Add lemon, water and honey.
– Bring to the boil and then simmer for 2-3 minutes.
– Serve cold.

Nectarine and lemon dessert

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