How did this happen? Lucullian’s THIRD anniversary!


I almost missed it, Lucullian’s third anniversary but I didn’t. Today three years ago I decided to start food blogging in English as well as in Swedish and I still am. I started on a whim but I am happy I did, these three years have given me so much; I have found new friends, I have got to know so many people from across the world and this is absolutely the most important thing I get from food blogging, you out there! The incredible feedback I get from you through comments and emails is a precious gift I hardly expected when I started.
Food blogging has changed my life in other aspects as well, I have found a new career in photography for example, I never expected that I would have my own photo exhibition three years ago and without my food blogs the thought would never had passed my brain, I am convinced of that! Blogging is strange but wonderful thing, isn’t it!?
I have to admit that my blogging is going through some kind of crisis right now, some days I just would like to give it up, other days I realize how imortant it has become to me and I know I will keep on doing it. I do think there will be some changes here in order to give me more impetus, I’m thinking of some but I don’t know exactly what. But there’s time and if I die tomorrow it won’t matter anyway, will it? So slowly I go on and I hope you will continue to be out there, some of you silently visiting, others often commenting!
After three years I know one thing that is sure, without YOU, Lucullian wouldn’t exist! THANKS!

ps. to my silent visitors: last year I asked you to creep out of the shadows and leave a comment and I really enjoyed meeting you so much then that I just have to ask the same for this year, please make a comment on this post, it’s enough with a Hi!

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