HotM 18 – Protecting your heart while preserving the harvest

fresh chili peppers

I’m late, I’m late but not too late, there is still time until Sunday midnight so now when I come to think about it I don’t really know why I feel as if I am out in the very last minute with my HotM entry? Maybe it is because I would have liked to make so many more of them and now only have this lonely entry? I had planned at least one more but there’s no way I will manage that so here we go. This time I am not posting a recipe, just a simple how to do instruction because I use peperoncino or chili peppers all the time in my cooking, it is such a key ingredient that I couldn’t just choose one recipe to go with it! I usually buy strings of dried ones during the winter when I have finished my own dried strings of peperoncini because I don’t think I will never manage to dry enough to last a year. Well maybe I’ll make that my challenge for next summer because it is really the most simple thing to do!
Peperoncino or chili pepper is good for you, it contains vitamins A and C, there is iron and even fibres in it, in addition to this, chili pepper also helps reduce blood cholesterol and it is anti inflammatory and helps nerve impulses just to mention some of its benefits. And, not to be forgotten, it really improves a lot of dishes!

Dried chili peppers

So how do you make your own dried chili pepper? Simple, you just take mature chili peppers, put them on a string or thread and hang them out in the hopefully scorching sun, but just hot sun is OK as well and then you just wait, after about a week in the sun I usually take down the string of peppers and hang them somewhere indoors in my kitchen. And use them!

Dried chili peppers

If you want to participate in this month’s
The Heart of the Matter, you find all the information you need here! This month my friend Michelle from The Accidental Scientist is the host, next month it’s my turn!

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