still here

ready steady jump

I’m still here but I am buried under all the things that have arrived from Sweden and that I need to put somewhere. This leads to that I have to get rid of a lot of our things that we don’t use any more so I am in the middle of a chain of events that I really hope will end soon. It feels so strange to see my parents things here in Italy, somehow they shouldn’t be here and the feeling of ‘finalty’ that I have makes me quite sad. BUT it is lovely to be surrounded by their things too – it’s that usual divided feeling that life tends to serve us.
One thing is sure, I have got a lot of new props for food photos!
In addition to this I am also working on the exhibition and I can’t say that I am in a cooking mood or should I say, cook-to-blog mood but please be patient, I will be back soon, I have these hazelnuts I want to do something with.
Take care of yourselves!


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