Recently or at least this summer I have been receiving a surprising amount of gifts from fellow food bloggers. I have to say that I have enjoyed it, it makes me feel liked which is a good feeling. I just wish I felt liked all the time but that would be to ask too much I suppose. And then I suspect that if I ever started to feel liked too often (not that I feel un-liked normally but you know what I mean) I would only ask for more and more and more until I turned into a nasty person with an immensely swollen ego who nobody would like and that would be the end of that story. Better remain where I am and be happy when treats like this turn up!

Gifts 1

The first nice food blogger to send me something was Amy of Cooking with Amy who send me some tasty Valrhona chocolate she got at a chocolate testing evening. She twittered about going and I just said that I was envious of her or something along that line when she asked me if I wanted a box of the chocolates she got – how nice isn’t that I ask?? Thanks Amy, we loved your chocolate!

Gifts 2

Then I met Lien of Notitie van Lien who is one of my fellow Bread Baking Babes. When I heard that she was going to spend her vacation in Tuscany and Umbria I asked her if we couldn’t meet somewhere to which she answered that she could come to Pistoia for a meeting on the town! Not only did she come, she was packed with gifts too, I am now finally an owner of a banneton for bread baking and then she brought me some Dutch cookies (very popular here as you can see, only one was left when I took the photo) and sweets! A big thank you to you Lien, I am looking forward seeing you next year too!

Gifts 3

Twitter again, one of my Twitter contacts is the very sweet Sandra of Un Tocco di Zenzero and when I suggested a Moo card swap, she counter suggested that we should make a Moo card and parcel swap. Now I obviously have misplaced her Moo card, I can’t find it anywhere which is rather embarrassing. What is even more embarrassing is that I haven’t sent her my parcel even though it is here and ready… what a louse I can be. Anyway, she sent me fig jam and cardamom coffee that she has made herself! Thanks Sandra, soon very soon I will send that parcel!

Gifts 4

But the biggest surprise was the big parcel that was waiting for me when I came home from Switzerland, Tanna of My Kitchen In Half Cups sent me an incredible baking container with an array of useful covers, her own cookbook (yes she has made one and I am a very happy owner), coffee beans (I’m having a cup after I have finished this post), pretty dishes, two wonderful glasses for my youngest, beautiful napkins and some other things. And all this came just out of the blue! I wonder if she could feel how low I felt before leaving for Switzerland and wanted to cheer me up? Whatever the reason was, I did cheer up. A lot! Thanks Tanna!

And last not but least, I have met another food blogger too, last Saturday I went to Florence to have a cup of coffee with Lara of Cook and Eat who is a delightful and talented person, thanks for taking the time to meet up with me Lara!

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