One of our favourite pastimes when in foreign countries is to go through what is sold in food shops and supermarkets and Switzerland was no exception obviously, we didn’t have that much to do once we have come back from our hiking trips so off we went exploring. Italy is a great food place and I am sure that you can find food from a lot of other culinary traditions but in Pistoia it is sort of difficult so I was delighted to find those dried green peas with wasabi coating that I have read so much about and I was particularly thrilled to find lassis. Yes I could have made my own ages ago but I prefer to taste new things in their more or less ‘original’ state of being before I try. Especially when it belongs to a cuisine that I can’t pretend to know as I should. I love Indian food but I realize that I don’t have half the knowledge I need to really say that I cook Indian. I see that done all the time with Italian cooking, it is not enough to use pasta to say that you know how to cook Italian. Or to make a pizza and think you make an Italian dish; I have seen what have been called Italian pizzas with the most horrible and unthinkable toppings, things no one in Italy would ever even think of associating with pizzas and every time I wish that people had the good taste to call it something else. Put whatever you want on your pizza or in you pasta sauce but don’t pretend you’re cooking Italian when you’re not. Back to the lassis, we had what probably couldn’t really be called a real lassi but they were good anyway, so good that me and my oldest daughter have started making our own so called lassis for lunch. Her favourite is Rose lassi so I have to try to find edible rose oil but until then she is happy with mango ones. I made myself an avocado and ginger one yesterday but because of the creaminess of the avocado, it almost turned out a smoothie. Lassi or smoothie, I leave it to you to define it, all I can say is that it was good. Calm somehow.

Avocado and ginger lassi

2 servings

250 ml/ 1 cup natural yogurt
150 ml/ 0,63 cup water or milk (I took water because I wanted to make it lighter) or more if you want it to be more liquid
1/2 big avocado, cut into pieces
as much fresh ginger you want, finely chopped
2 tblsp runny honey

– Put all the ingredients in a blender or mixer and runrunrun until smooth!
– Then drink!

Avocado and ginger lassi

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