Red bell peppers

One of the great things about summer is that I can shoot my food photos outdoors, I really like that. I do swear and get annoyed when I trudge back and forth from the kitchen for the eternally forgotten thing or when I get caught on the spines that one rose bush that really seem to have it in for me but still, it’s great to have more space and the light is so different. But I have to shoot in the afternoon when there’s shadow in the right places and I can use a specific table. This leads to me doing my cooking for blogging later in the day which results in that I often have parts of the dinner ready beforehand and that’s not bad either. Like these filled grilled bell peppers. Now, filled peppers don’t have to be completely baked, you can grill the peppers first and then fill them with something cold like the farro salad I use here instead of filling them and then bake the whole thing. Grilled peppers are such a wonderful dish, the sweetness is seductive and goes so well with many other flavours. Here is an approximate recipe, feel free to improvise!

Grilled red peppers filled with farro salad


red bell peppers, small one are better I think
farro or emmer, cooked
celery sticks, chopped or sliced
onion, chopped
fresh chilis, finely chopped
lime juice
extra virgin olive oil

– Grill the peppers, either in the oven 200°C/392°F until blackened or on a grill. Let them cool down.
– Mix the farro with the other ingredients, whip up lime, salt and olive oil and pour it over the salad before mixing it well.
– Cut off the tops of the bell peppers, take out the seeds and let them drip off excess liquid if needed. Then fill each pepper with the farro.
– Ready to serve!

Grilled red peppers filled with farro saladwtmk.jpg

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