Yes, filled avocados are so 80’s (or is it 70’s, can’t remember) and so unfashionable but frankly I don’t give a damn! Food should go beyond fashion, I can understand that there are various trends going around and I think we can even benefit from those as long as there isn’t an absolute dictate and we are free do go for whatever we think will be fruitful for our cooking and flavour experiences etc., but I cannot stand people rejecting food on the grounds that it is Unfashionable. Sure, I can get fed up with certain dishes because you see them all over but is only natural (after all I get fed up with myself now and then because I am all over my life) but I refuse to not eat something just because I will be considered unfashionable (to let myself be ruled by other people’s opinions about what I eat?!) so here we go, a bean salad filled avocado. I suppose I should have added some shrimps (which is actually a pretty good idea, next time I will) as shrimp filled avocados halves are what I remember most vividly from that unfashionable past. Not that I liked it very much, I was more into the vinaigrette version, the one when you half the avocados and then pour a good vinaigrette into the holes and serve it like that.

I am convinced that everyone of us have some publicly unmentionable dish that we love so let’s make it confession time here, do tell me about the ‘unfashionable’ dishes you like and long for to reappear on our tables!

Avocado with cannellini bean salad

4 servings

2 avocados
200 g/ 7 oz white beans, cooked
1 small onion
5-6 sundried tomatoes
lime or lemon juice
smoke Spanish paprika
extra virgin olive oil

– Soak the sundried tomatoes in water for about 20-30 minutes before chopping them.
– Cut the avocados in half and take out the kernel. Use a spoon to make the whole in the middle bigger. Chop the avocado pulp/flesh that you take out.
– Chop the onion finely and mix with the cooked white beans and the avocado pieces, add the sundried tomatoes and mix well.
– Mix lime juice, salt and olive oil and then drizzle it over the salad, stir.
– Fill the avocado halves with the bean salad and dust with smoked Spanish paprika for more sting!

Avocado with cannellini bean salad

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