Now is the time for fresh fruit drinks and for some strange reason I found myself drawn into buying a lot of pink grapefruit the other day with the purpose of using them for a refreshing drink because with the heat and humidity we’re experiencing right now, we sure need to drink a lot! It is very much summer; I took out the dog very early this morning to avoid the heat but it didn’t help, I came back home soaked but I do have to admit that I felt far more energized than before leaving so I gained more than I lost. And now I really have to drink something refreshing as a compensation which means that I gain again. All on the plus side today, what is happening to me, am I coming out of the darkness? I do hope so because I am getting bored with feeling on the low side, maybe I should divide the day in two, AM up and PM less up and then gradually decrease the down time. I do wish there was Antabus for feeling low, I am sure a negative physiological reaction every time I start feeling low (without any real legitimate reason, I mean when it is just out of habit) would get me moving, if Pavlov succeeded in ‘programming’, this would work as well! But as it is now I will stick to my new regime and hope it will work. I think it will.

Grapefruit, watermelon and cucumber drink

3-4 glasses

2 pink grapefruit
watermelon, the same amount as the grapefruit pulp
14-cm/4-5 inches peeled cucumber
10-15 fresh mint leaves
4 tsp honey, optional
ice cubes

– Divide the grapefruit and cut out the pulp (or is it called flesh?), avoid the white bits. Put it in a blender ormixer.
– Add watermelon, cucumber, mint leaves and honey. Throw in as much ice you want, the more ice the more liquid it gets which is a good idea when it is hot. I think I used about 5 or 6 biggish ice cubes.
– Run the blender until it is smooth.
– Pour into glasses and top with a mint leaf for decoration.

Grapefruit, watermelon and cucumber drink

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