Paper Chef and me being apologetic

Cherry tarts

Paper Chef is on so check out the ingredients here or go directly to The Judge and check it out there.
As for the rest I would like to ‘excuse’ myself with my readers, I know that I am and have been rather boring lately but that is exactly what I am in this period. There are most probably a lot of good reasons to this, I can name at least three but I am sorry that you have to ‘suffer’ from it, rather boring recipes and plain boring blog posts doesn’t make anyone happier (unless you hate me and get a kick out of seeing my boring mediocrity but then you are welcome to it – have a feast!) but you can imagine how boring it is to
be so boring, at least you can click away from my blog but I can’t click away from myself, just have to hang around, getting bored and hoping for better times. A total transplant wouldn’t be bad right now.
I don’t really know why I feel that I have some kind of responsibility towards you dear readers, maybe because you are so nice with me and I want to pay it back. Or maybe because I have committed myself to blogging and done it now for so long that it has become a kind of responsibility. Well whatever it is, I hope you will persevere and remain with me, I cannot but hope that this flat-line on the blog brain monitor will start showing some activity soon! Until then – get cooking and do the Paper Chef!

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