I am trying to gather some energy to get going and start packing and make some order here before our departure to Sweden tomorrow morning but the crazy weather here really drags me down and down. So I thought that writing a post here might energize me a bit! Who knows, maybe I will suddenly see a light in this grey, over grey, daylight. Or maybe a bit complaining here will make me get fed up with feeling like this and start behaving like a grown-up! Anyway, I have mixed feelings about going to Sweden, I am looking forward to it but I obviously have a lot of feelings bubbling somewhere in my sub-conscious that pop up now and then. I don’t think I could expect anything else and last summer’s experience makes me feel fairly confident that it will be a good experience, I will be able to go to places I know my parents loved and where we went together. Painful but also very soothing, they still live on and right now I feel that I need to be reassured about that.
I am bringing my laptop and I have some recipes waiting to be posted, not to speak about the photos I hope to take, it is so inspiring to see new environments and I never really explored Sweden with a camera while I lived there, I was so occupied with other interests and things which means that I have so much to look at now. Plus that I do look at my old country with different eyes now when I lived here in Itay for such a long time. So I won’t abandon Lucullian the little more that a week we are away!

Egg halves filled with vegetables and couscous


hardboiled eggs
sweet onion
sun-dried tomatoes
fresh peas, cooked
yellow (or red) bell pepper
lemon juice
extra virgin olive oil
smoked Spanish paprika

– Prepare the couscous.
– Chop cucumber, onion, bell pepper and the pre-soaked sun-dried tomatoes finely and mix them in a small bowl together with salt, lemon juice and olive oil. Add the peas.
– Mix couscous and the vegetables.
– Divide the hard boiled eggs in two length wise, take out the egg yolk and crumble them into the couscous.
– Either spoon the couscous salad into the egg whites and serve like this or chop the egg whites as well and mix them with the rest! Sprinkle a little smoked Spanish paprika over to add some grinta.

Egg filled with vegetables and couscous

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