Back to real life

park scene

I’m back and it feels good. Nothing really went as I expected it in Sweden apart from me and my brother managing to fix everything (almost) that we had set out to do. Which is quite a lot but I didn’t see many friends, I didn’t blog and I didn’t use my camera as much as I expected. But that is the way life goes and I actually think it is better this way. I have at least learnt that there is no way I can manage to do everything I want to when I go to Sweden, that it isn’t humanely possible to see everyone I want to see and that it’s OK to say no sometimes.

place of peace

It is hot here but it feels good, it is somehow how it should be. The light and the sounds are so different and as usual I feel so happy that I live where I live. I feel like that every time I come back home after travelling. Not to speak about how it feels to be back to the food, I don’t want to be a bore but it tastes so much more here. I immediately went to do some food shopping yesterday and now I really feel like cooking, I want a fresh and healthy lunch with a lot of flavour that is what I want so I am leaving you right now, I just want to say one more thing: Thanks a lot for the comments and the emails, I hope you don’t mind if I don’t answer them, I have to process some of the feelings that popped up in Sweden and I just don’t have that much mental energy right now so please forgive me and if there was something important you wanted to tell me, comment or write again and I will behave and answer this time!

rusty metal scrap

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