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I have been tagged for the 5 facts meme by Amy of Cooking With Amy who is always so nice with that I just cannot refuse to do it even though I wonder if my memory will let me access any 5 fact about myself that I haven’t already you told here on Lucullian and if it does, will I allow myself to share these here? I have been thinking about it for days now but I have only come up with boring facts which is not so strange considering my present state of mind but maybe this is a good way of getting out of the torpor and remember some nice things! So I start from scratch and see what I will come up with, here we go:

oh soft whiteness

1. I am fascinated by how things are being made, like production lines in factories or on how a wooden spoon is made etc. and I love watching programs about that. Glass making, industrial ice cream factories, artisan soap making, whatever, I want to see the whole process from start to end. Unfortunately this is obviously not supposed to interest adults because I only find children’s programs that satisfies my curiosity and these are far too few to really make me happy. Any one who knows about a web TV that are doing this kind of thing?

2. I read a lot about the history of photography and sometimes I see photos that touch me so much that I feel like crying, they are so beautiful in some way that something happens inside me. The composition of the photo, the capture of a split second or just the tension of the picture transmits something. This has never happened when I look at other art forms, I wonder why.

the spider

3. I used to be terrorized by spiders, I couldn’t even see them on the screen without feeling bad but since we moved here, the paradise of insects, I have overcome it and live happily side by side with them. I still hate centipedes though.

4. We’re leaving for Sweden in about one weeks time, only for 9 days this year but at least we will celebrate Midsummer on an island in the archipelago of Stockholm. That will be fun. But then I have to finalize a lot of things after my mother’s death and that will not be so fun but I am so happy that I have my brother! I remember that my mother always told us to be friends because when they were gone, we would only have each other and I am so happy that me and my brother are such good friends, the death of my parents have made me realize how much I need him.

5. Once I got a medal in a judo exhibition/competition just because our leader felt sorry for me, I always refused to compete or try to get on in the ranking so he gave me a honorary one. I still have it and it still makes me feel ashamed of being such unsporty type. I hate ‘sport imperialism’.

So there they are. The facts.

I am supposed to tag five other bloggers but why don’t you tag yourself? I have to go down in the kitchen and make a really complicated dessert for our dinner party and this is stressing me so much that I can’t even imagine who would be up to do a meme! Please tell me if you do it so that I cam discover something about you! And remember the Paper Chef!

the hat

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