On meeting a fellow food blogger and a tour of the market

Yesterday I went to see Jeni from The Passionate Palate blog who is here in Italy to work, she is guiding a Tuscan wine and food tour so we had to meet. And as usual it was nice to meet a fellow blogger, I’m never disappointed, I suppose one day I will be but so far so good.
We obviously took a tour of the food market:


butternut squash.jpg



pig's feet and ears.jpg


We walked around chatting, enjoying each others company, well I enjoyed hers a lot, it was as if we had know each other for a long time. But I suspect that depended more on Jeni than on me because she is a very very pleasant person with a great sense of humour. And she looks so much more Swedish than me, I can tell you that! well, you can see that for yourself!


Thanks Jen for taking the time to meet me, let’s do it again!

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