hungry snail

It’s been raining quite a lot lately and it’s such a pity to see all the roses just go to waste. Well, someone seems to be happy about it.

white roses

When we moved into this house, the owner before us had razed an old charming garden filled with wisteria and roses to zero to plant 5 forsythias and small lawns with garden lights all over. He took away the gazebo and the small pond. And put up more garden lights.

pink rose petals

In a way it was nice because I could plant all the plants and bushes that took my fancy and there were so many of them. Pistoia is surrounded by one of the the biggest plant school areas in Europe so I had a vast choice.

pink rose

Above all I found my way to Rose Barni with so many of the old roses I have dreamt about. I used to read and read about old roses and new roses and fell in and out of love like a fourteen year old school girl.

pink rose

So I began to fill the garden with roses. And the garden started to live on its own. And I have realized that what I like about gardening is digging and planting – not the daily (and seasonal) trimming and taking care of, I am still too busy nurturing my children to satisfy all the needs of my garden but one day maybe I will be back. Until then I have at least my roses to look at… And there are no more garden lights working and it is going to stay that way.

pink rose

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