Books and cookbooks!


Lately I have received three books very different from each other, two cookbooks and one novel about food. I am a compulsive reader even though I have got better but still I have to read before I go to sleep and if I manage, there’s nothing better that waking up, stretching out a hand and grab a book and read for an hour or so. What you see above is a photo of my bedside table, these are books that I am going to read or am reading because I am always reading several books at one time, I just have to read something that suits my mood and as that changes from day to day, I always have a book going on to match it. Always been like that. Next to my bed there is also a bookshelf with half of the cookbooks I have, those that I like to read but not cook from that often, those I use often I keep in the kitchen. So in this way I can also grab a cookbook when I feel like it, laying on my bed and reading cookbooks almost beats my sofa!
But now over to the books I have received.

The first one is the cookbook Spain and the World, the offspring of the Culinary Institute of America’s 2006 “Worlds of Flavor” International Conference and Festival. The text is by Martha Rose Shulman. This is lavish book, full of beautiful recipes and photos. There is an attractive mixture of traditional recipes and reinterpretations made by both Spanish and American chefs and the recipes span over tapas, soups, vegetables, meat, seafood, rice dishes and desserts so you get a rather braod view of what the Spanish cuisine has to offer. A very attractive feature of this cookbook is that now and then you find informative texts on ingredients,regions and traditions so that you are not just left alone with a new culinary experience, you also have help in understanding what Spanish cooking is about and that is one of the most important aspects about cooking that there is, a deeper understanding of what you are trying to make.

Then I received Comfort Food by Kate Jacobs, a novel about a successful TV chef with her own program who faces changes on both the professional and the personal level. Now I am lousy at explaining plots and give directions so I will not to that, you can read about it here instead where you actually find the ‘mock’ site of CookingChannel, the TV channel of the novel. What I can say is that I did enjoy the book, it is one of those books that are perfect when you want to read something that is pleasant but not stupid and who am I to resist a writer who actually mentions food blogging, briefly but it’s there! And Jacobs also mentions the Julia Child bread that I made for the Daring Bakers Challenge a couple of month ago, that made me feel in tune right from the beginning!

The last book of today is the cookbook FOOD 2.0 by Charlie Ayers who was the chef of Although the recipes maybe aren’t exactly what I usually make, I have to say that this cookbook inspired me, Ayers insistence on freshness and healthy and his useful suggestions how at like that even if you live a busy life made me want to start cooking straight away. The book is divided into two parts, the first part deals with ingredients and a lot of practical and often very smart tips and in the second you find a lot of easy and healthy recipes. I read it like a novel more or less! There are a lot of great photos as well, in my review copy they are in b&w but that doesn’t diminish their impact so I’m sure they look even better in colour.
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