So I went to the Expat GTG in Florence on Saturday, I took our smaller car and drove down to our nearest village where I actually can get a train once every hour and now they even have provided one of the bars with tickets to sell which means that it’s even convenient. Our station is so small that I was the only passenger to get on and later get off the train, it’s like one of these places on the road to nowhere. But it isn’t because we live there. Anyway, I sat back, listened to music and enjoyed not having to answer any questions and when I got to Florence I met Sara, aka Ms Adventures in Italy. Now I have been in touch with Sara for quite awhile by now but we never met so I was very happy to finally have the occasion to get to know her for real so to speak. And I definitely hope that I’ll meet her again, she’s a delightful person!
The GTG was in a pizzeria in the very centre of Florence and we slowly filled up the room we had been given, we were more than 20 for lunch and then about 15 others showed up for after lunch entertainment. By now the day had turned into a
very beautiful day and and an inner voice told me that I just had to have another beer so I did. I didn’t manage to speak to everyone but I did get to speak to quite a few and everyone was really nice! I spoke to the very very nice: Tanya (eurobimbo’s journey to enlightenment) and Keith, they had brought their dog Murphy with them and he had to most beautiful eyes, Martha and Benjamin of Moving2Italy2, Arlene of nyc/carribean ragazza, Amanda from A Tuscan View from Umbria, Niki from the life I choose, Emma who runs AngloinfoTuscany (a site full of useful information), Kendra, Katie, two Rachels and their partners (sorry, I just can’t remember the names) and many others, some bloggers and many non-bloggers. I’m sure I have forgotten someone so please forgive me and correct me with a comment! One of the nice aspects of meeting like that is that you do a lot of networking and I have now more information to pass on when people ask me about things. So I have to say Thank You Sara, please do it again!
Sorry for the boringness of this post but I blame it on the rain that has started AGAIN. One and a half day of sunshine was not enough, not at all. grrr


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