Paper Chef #27 The Roundup

Despite the not so easy ingredients I have received several entries for this month’s Paper Chef, some of you out there rose to the challenge and created some very interesting recipes, using polenta, chili pepper, pistachio nuts and flowers as interpreted by you! I have to say that this round did stir your creative juices more than the last one, there is more variety this time and that is how I like it. I also like that there are both sweet and savoury dishes, the ingredients obviously triggered completely different thoughts in us which is really interesting!

Tanna of My Kitchen in Half Cups was convinced she couldn´t participate in the Paper Chef and here she is, already into the second round of it and she is getting better and better so I predict a splendid future in the Paper Chef arena! She created a smashing polenta dish with chilis, virtual pistachio nuts, mushrooms (which can be seen as the flowers of the actual mushroom that grows underneath the surface) and edible real flowers.

Next comes last month’s People’s Choice winner Bron from Bron Marshall who has made a stunning Spiced Fig Polenta Cake with Pistachio and Orange Blossom Syrup. Just the name of it makes me hungry…

Caroline of Cooking Up A Storm has made a wonderful dish – Cilantro, Pistachio, Ancho Chile Rubbed Chicken with Stinking Rose Polenta that she had to photograph with her laptop(!) because her camera broke down! See, that is true dedication! Or determination.

Now we have Fiona of Kai in London who has created something truly delicious, Pistachio, Honey, White Chocolate & Chili Pepper Ice cream with Polenta Cookies, do you understand what I meant when I talked about variety before?

And that goes for the Spicy Polenta-Pistachio Flowers that Susan of Wild Yeast has created for the Paper Chef, so tempting that I can almost smell them over here. Yet another interpretation of the flower theme.

And then I did a dish myself just for fun and outside the competition because I just can´t resist the PC challenge: Fried Polenta Cubes Served on a Bed of Hot Artichokes and with a Sprinkle of Pistachios.

Did I forget something or someone?

So now it´s up to Jim and his fellow judge(s) to decide who will be the winner this month and it´s up to you to decide who will win the People´s Choice so please vote below-all of you!

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