Happy Easter! Or Holiday! Or Weekend or whatever you choose!


I have just managed to put my Pastiera Napoletana into the oven and I’m very curious to see how it turns out as I once again haven’t been able to follow a recipe and just had to fiddle around with it. And now I have to see to my free hand wet dough bread with more fibres in it than those I have made so far. And then there’s the lamb’s meat to take care of, I went to the butcher this morning a quarter to eight, before having had my coffee because today is a completely crazy day here. There were 6 people before me when I stepped in and the shop filled up completely while I waited for my turn, so happy I don’t have to go there now to get my meat for the weekend!
So here’s a lot of cooking and baking going on and it feels good. I hope you too will feel good this Easter weekend, festivities can be quit hard when you’re not in the mood or in mental form and I think we could/should make the effort to reach out a hand or at least a finger to those we know are having a hard time in some way, it doesn’t have to be big but I know how much I treasure the signs of appreciation I get when I feel low. So A Big Special Thank You to those of you who have written to me lately and I have been horrible enough not to answer, your mails really have cheered me up!
Peace and Love to all of you out there!