Bread Baking Babes: the Croc

It’s time to tell you about another bread adventure, I use the word adventure because this month’s bread, The Crocodile, also called the Croc, has been hard to tame, just take a look at my fellow Baking Babes’ posts about it and you will see what I mean. Some gave up, others fought it!


This is a another wet dough experience and if I thought that last month’s Royal Crown’s Tortano was that, this was ten times worse. I sat at the back of the classroom, watching the others doing their homework and dreading the moment when I had to face the encounter with the Croc. But then finally I did and I was caught into the maze of flour nerderie. Because I have realized that the outcome of this bread depends on the flour you use and the worst part of it is that I even made it twice just to check out how it worked with different types of flour. I never thought I would something like that. Well, I’m not as badly off as is Mary (4 times) or Tanna (6 times!) but I am getting a bit worried here, what will this lead to? But it is worth it, this Blob, sorry Croc, when you manage to find the right balance this is a great bread, a nice matured taste and it has a wonderful texture.


I better tell you about the flours I used then in case you want to be a Baking Buddie and bake it for yourself, blog about it to be able to show off with a Baking Babes Buddie badge. Or if you just want to bake it and eat it. I followed the recipe (you can find that here, over at Lien’s blog, she is the host of the month) as I was supposed to do, I used an Italian durum bread flour (not pasta flour) with 10% of protein and then Manitoba wheat flour with 12.5% of protein and I let the two starters stand 24 hrs each. The only problem with this bread is that it needs planning but apart from that, there’s not much work to do but prepare yourself for a sticky experience! I really recommend it, I know that I will continue to do it now that I found the right formula. So Thank you Lien for introducing me to the Croc!

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