A meme and some photos


I haven’t been tagged for a meme for ages and even though I think I have made this one at least twice before, here I go again, tagged by Ginny of Just Get Floury. Considering that our self, or is it better called consciousness maybe, fluctuates and changes depending on with whom we are, what we remember and recent events it is probably safe to do it again. Because even though I feel that I have a (hard) core of Ilva inside me, I often find myself thinking and behaving in different ways, depending on the above mentioned factors. So this meme will most probably come out differently from my previous ones but I’m not going to check that out, don’t want to be disappointed and realize that I’m just boring and repetitive.

7 things about myself:

1. I am a hoarder. I wish I wasn’t and I am working really hard on recovering but still, I just hate to dispose of things that could be used for something in the future. I don’t mind getting rid of things if I know that they will be used by someone, it’s the throwing away I just don’t like. But I have now at least realized that of the zillion projects I am always planning maybe, and I mean maybe, one will be realized and that I therefore have to be realistic and get rid of the things I saved.

in a row

2. I’m beginning to get really interested in bread. This Bread Baking Babes group has already taught me so many things about flour that I now begin to feel like a flour nerd. But there are those who are worse, no names mentioned.

hepatica nobilis

3. In January I embarked on a one year long project of shooting and posting one photo a day in the Project 365 group on Flickr, so far I have managed to do it and even though I don’t enjoy it exactly every day (some days I wish I was allowed to forget the camera), I really like the continuity in it. And it is nice to take photos of whatever I feel like, more personal photos. I also post them on a special photo blog, As Time Goes By… if you are interested in following the project. Today is my 50ieth day actually, I better drag out that camera!


4. I have divided feelings about getting older. Not that I mind not being young, I think there are a lot of advantages popping up as the years adds up and I certainly don’t want to go back in time or age but I just hate that some people expects me to be and behave in a certain way just because of my age. Well, that’s their problem.

daffo view

5. I find it a bit scary to not have any parents alive. Because of their illnesses I haven’t been able to lean on them for help or advice but still, my mother’s death in January has left me feeling quite vulnerable. I’m sure this will pass when I get used to this new situation. Please tell me it does.


6. I love makeup. Yes, I’m that superficial. I dress like a bum but I love makeup. Not that I feel as if I have to use it everyday but I enjoy it a lot. The colours, the promises!


7. I have become an obsessive radio listener, so much so that I spend a lot of time downloading BBC podcasts so that I can listen to the radio whatever I do. But I do get to know a lot of things this way.

Now I am supposed to tag 7 other bloggers but for once I will skip this and invite those of you who feel like doing this meme to do it!

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