Paper Chef #27 the March edition


I just pushed the button of the random number generator that I use and have come up with the three ingredients that will be added to the theme that I decided on very early this morning before getting up to force my children to get up too. The ingredient list read as follows: leek, kiwi, polenta, paprika, lentils, chili pepper, fennel, quinoa, pistachio nuts, honey, citrus fruit, rabbit, offal, rosemary, prosciutto, Cornish hens, spring onion, buck wheat, beetroots, raspberries and palm sugar. I bet you are curious now so I’m going to be good and tell you straight away: the randomizer gave me 9,3,and 6 which are polenta, chili pepper, pistachio nuts. Not that easy this time eh? And then theme, flowers – it’s Spring here after all! And I don’t intend a dish with a daffodil stuck into it, I want something more sophisticated. There are so many ways to interpret this theme, just think of vegetables like cauliFlower, capers and so on, or edible flowers or just the way you can present it! So take a good think, get creative and get going, send me your entries before your noon on Tuesday the 4th of March to luculliandelights AT gmail DOT com. Remember that all four ingredients have to be included but that you can add other ingredients to make the dish (or dishes if you think of making a menu, as long as each dish has the four ingredients you are allowed to make more than one dish) And just as usual you can substitute an ingredient to anoher equivalent one if you suffer from food allergies, if you are a vegan or vegetarian or cannot eat certain things because of religious reasons.
I’m looking forward to see what you are going to cook up and this time I hope that Paper Chef’s honourable founder and inventor, Owen from Tomatilla will have the time to participate!
The roundup will hopefully be up on Wednesday and the judge is last rounds winner, Jim.
If you know nothing about Paper Chef but would like to know more, take a look here!

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