Paper Chef #26 The Roundup

I’m surprised and delighted because I never expected as many entries as the 10 I have received, Thanks to all of you! I think that the ingredients were perfect for the first round, not too difficult to combine and definitely not scary but I hope that the random number generator will be a little more adventurous in the future as I like challenges that put you on new tracks of thinking. Anyway, this month’s four ingredients were potatoes, swede/rutabaga, plum tomatoes and bacon and me and my fellow judge, the wonderful Nika have got ten appetizing entries to give votes to, we better do it after lunch or dinner because otherwise we will probably start drooling which is quite unattractive in dogs so imagine how unattractive it would be with drooling humans… don’t even want to think about it.

As this is the first Paper Chef that I’m in charge of there are going to be small changes until the machinery works without any squeaking and creaking, the first change is going to be the dates, it will still take place the first weekend of the month but I have decided that the ingredients will be announced on Thursday morning and the deadline is going to be on Tuesday, in this way there will be more time to write the post and publish it. So now you know. And I would like to point out that you are allowed to create a whole menu if you want to but each course have to ‘contain’ all 4 ingredients.

OK, here’s the roundup but as this is a competition centered on creation and on the recipe of the dish, I’m not including any photos here, I expect you to click through the links to read the whole post before casting your vote in the People’s Choice Category and there you can see photos if you are interested. I know how much the visual aspect influences our appetites so I exhort you to concentrate mainly on the actual creations of the participants. The creative aspect of the dish so to speak and how it works as a whole etc., at least that is what Nika and I am going to do.

Rachel from Rachel At Home has created a Warm Salad with Potatoes, Rutabega, Tomato Confit, Lardon, & Volunteer Garden Greens with Homemade Preserved Meyer Lemon Aioli using both the prescribed ingredients and produce from her garden and she even provides us with a recipe for preserved Meyer lemons!

Now we come to one blog with two bloggers with wills of their own, Mike and Paul of Eat Me! have sent me two separate entries, Paul created a personal interpretation of Bangers and Mash while Mike made two finger food dishes! And if anyone is grumbling about Paul and Mike being from the same food blog I can tell you that only one of them can win and I don’t even dare to think about what would happen in that home in case one of them wins…teasing a go go.

And if you think that was bad, just read on, now it’s getting really juicy: the next entry comes from my Swedish sister-in-law Görel of Grain Doe! She’s already blogging in Swedish about food and other interests of hers and now she’s finally entered English speaking food bloggery as well. (And I couldn’t refuse her entry could I? I mean just think of the consequences when we go to Sweden….) Her entry is without name but she describes it as a homage to the swede so let’s go for that.

OK, now I passed the trickier parts of the roundup, it should run on smoothly from now on.

Next out is Anke from Vegan Bounty and from a blog with that name you cannot expect anything else than a vegan dish but just as she adapted bacon into tofu, we non-vegans can adapt the tofu into bacon, no? Her entry is Potato Gratin “Heaven and Earth” with Lamb’s Lettuce, Plum Tomatoes, and Faux Bacon.

Another food blog run by two but this time they decided to go for the same dish, nice to see mother and daughter united because that’s what Dana and Kay are over at Besides Pizza. They created a dish called Thyme for Latkes for this month’s Paper Chef.

Bron from Bron Marshall has created a Mediterranean dish for us, it’s called Potato, Swede Rösti with Roasted Feta, Roma Tomatoes and Olives, but as Bron points out, she made it before she saw my confession about loving rösti the other day! (Hmm…. it’s getting more and more complicated hosting and judging this event, I’m happy it’s going to the problem of the PC winner of the month in the future!)

I think Tanna of My Kitchen in Half Cups is still surprised that she made an entry for the Paper Chef and that’s the way it should be, PC is good for you remember that! She made Potatoes, bacon, swede/rutabaga and plum tomatoes and added a little to that to satisfy her partner. (Sounds adult doesn’t it? they are married but …)

Now Anne of Redacted Recipes was so hungry that she ate her Baked Egg on Bacon Rosti with Roasted Tomato before she had the chance to photograph it, that sounds promising I think.

Now I have no idea of why Jim is cooking on the blog The adventures of Curt of Katie Mulder but I bet they are happy about it! He made Pasties from the Upper Peninsula of Michigan that have a long history.

So this is it, now Nika and I am withdrawing to ponder these great dishes and you are supposed to vote for a People’s Choice winner so do it! Please.

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