nothing much really

Long time no see but that’s not even true, I just feel as if loads of things have happened. Main event a still sick youngest daughter, you don’t want to know the details I can assure you that, I wish I didn’t know them! And I have finally got a new computer and I am trying to figure out new programs, characters, commands etc., it’s very time consuming I have to say, especially if you are like me who want want to understand what I’m doing. So I’m dividing my time between computer and child, fortunately my children are quite like angels when they are ill, one of them you can even realize that he is ill because he’s too nice (as if children ever could be too nice! Yes they can actually), never fails, we don’t even have to measure the temperature to confirm it. They are less angel like afterwards though, but nothing lasts forever.
Just wanted to let you know what I’m up to over here. Tomorrow I’m planning to post the winners of this month’s Paper Chef so please make you voice heard and votevotevote for you own choice before it’s too late!

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