Finally: The Paper Chef Winner of January


So here we go, finally! I’m really sorry I’ve protracted the whole thing, I ask your forgiveness but now I finally will announce the winners! Nika of Nika’s Culinaria, who kindly has been helping me out as a judge, and I have been casting our votes, I have been adding the numbers and come up with the results. First of of all I would like to say that it was very even and that I personally think that all the entries are really good! And that I’m so happy that all of you took the time to cook up your entries, I hope this will become a habit and that you will get more and more daring with your creations! But now I’ll stop, I know how boooring it is with too many words.

The People’s Choice goes to … Bron Marshall‘s Potato, Swede Rösti with Roasted Feta, Roma Tomatoes and Olives, she won with 27% of the votes, you can check out the results here (I hope). A really worthy winner but I have to complain a bit because I think 75 votes is far too little, I happen to know that there are at least 10 times of you out there every day so please stop being lazy and indecisive next time and vote, it’s open for every one you know!

The winner of the February edition of the Paper Chef 2008 is …. Jim’s Miners’ Patties hosted on The adventures of Curt and Katie Mulder ! Rustic as they are, this is the dish that got most of our votes when we evaluated taste, ingenuity and cookability. And now you know where to go for the next round of Paper Chef, the ingredient list will be gathered here but the announcement of the 4 ingredients and the roundup will be on The adventures of Curt and Katie Mulder!

Congratulations to both the winners and the rest of the participants and thanks for helping me to get Owen’s great creation, the Paper Chef, going again! Don’t stop!

So that’s where the first of Nika’s Paper Chef Logos will be displayed (We are adjusting some small details but I will soon send them over to the winners.
That’s All Folks!

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