New Year – same old body and soul. I don’t even bother with making any promises for the new year, I know myself too well by now; when the time is ripe, my subconscious will take the commando and I will change. Works best that way. And I don’t disappoint myself yet another time. This year has started really well, something like a week ago my brother called me and told me that my mother was dying and maybe I should try to come up. Well, trying to find an airplane ticket now is like hoping to win 1 billion euros without buying a lottery ticket. Italians always go somewhere between Christmas and the 6th of January, always and en masse. So I just had to stay here and hope that maybe maybe she would make it until the 10th of January when I have a trip to Sweden booked since ages. And now she is fine! I did get help from one friend in particular and the support of several others-big thank you, you know who you are! She has the strength of a horse and she obviously wants to stay alive even though it’s difficult to know that because of her Alzheimer’s. I’m happy because since my father died I just can’t help it but I want her to live even though it probably would be better for her not to. But who are we to judge the quality of her life?

This is a little bit more elaborate way of eating Savoy cabbage but still very easy. It looks as if you made a bigger effort that you actually did and there are so many things that you could add to the filling instead of the simple one I have used.



Savoy cabbage
White wine, optional
Extra-virgin olive oil

– Clean the cabbage of eventual damaged and dirty leaves. Rinse it and then loosen as many leaves as you need, I make 1 to 2 bundles per person. Try to use as big leaves as possible.
– Steam or boil the leaves until they are soft and pliable. Let them dry on a kitchen towel.
– Chop onions, carrots and some of the cabbage leaves and braise them in some olive oil. Don’ forget the salt. Add white wine and let it simmer/braise until the vegetables are soft.
– Flatten the cabbage leaves but be careful not to break them. Sometimes I take away the larger part of the stem if it’s to hard to fold. Put a small amount of vegetables in the middle of and fold the leave around it to make a bundle of sorts.


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