Paper Chef announcement

I mentioned some time ago that I am going to take over Paper Chef after Owen of Tomatilla, the creator of this brilliant food blogging event and so I will. Recent events in my life has caused me to think about other things so this first turn will be not be as pondered as I would have liked it to be but I don’t want to wait for another month. When Paper Chef started there wasn’t as many events going on as now but I hope this wont hinder you from participating, PC will celebrate it’s 4th anniversary this year and is (to my knowledge) therefore together with Sugar High Friday the oldest of all the ongoing food blog events and who doesn’t want to be part of such an honourable event?
So what is this Paper Chef about really? I’m going to make it easy and cite what Owen wrote in the premiere announcement (Owen, I hope you don’t mind this, you do it so much better than I ever could):
“Food bloggers in the US and Japan and many other parts of the world will be familiar with “the Iron Chef” cooking show. Great chefs are put up against one of the iron chefs in a rather over-the-top and dramatic cooking competition to see who can make the most spectacular food from a host of regular ingredients and one special ingredient – say octopus. There is a somewhat similar TV show in Britain called “Ready, Steady, Cook!” …..
On the first Thursday of every month at some point prior to Noon CET, I will announce a list of four ingredients that must be used, along with any other ingredients you choose, to make a dish and then write about it by your Noon on Tuesday, 5 days later. An impartial judge will pick the best sounding recipe to them and the winner will be awarded the “Paper Chef” title for that month. ….Anyone who wants to is welcome to submit ingredient ideas and all suitable ones will go onto a list. Three of the ingredients will be randomly picked from the list and the fourth will be seasonal or trendy or in the news in some way. If the list of four is totally unsuitable (maraschino cherries, english mustard, liver and suet) then we will redraw randomly until it is conceivable to cook with all four ingredients.” (my changes in italics)

There will be some changes but on the whole this is how it will be, at least for now. I have decided on a fixed date every month, the first weekend of every month will be dedicated to Paper Chef so you can note that down. In addition to the judge’s/judges’ choice, there will also be a People’s Choice were readers can vote for their favourite. Alanna of A Veggie Venture mentioned this idea to me a couple of years ago and I liked it so much that I used it when I started the Swedish version of PC so I’m going to add it here as well. There will be certain criteria for the judges to follow but I will come back to that another day when I announce the judge(s). The winner of the Paper Chef (the one crowned by the judge or judges) will host the following round up the month after so be prepared to do that when you enter the competition. Paper Chef is about being creative and discovering your non-limits in the kitchen, I promise that you will surprise yourself once you get going!
So get going, it’s time to nominate ingredients, unless you are sadly few who do it, I restrict suggestions to 1 per person. On Wednesday the 30th of January I will post the 4 ingredients but you have to help me so that I have something to draw from!
Please help me spread the word so that there will at least be more than two participants, the more we are, the more fun it will be!
Any questions?

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