Paper Chef #26 – The Return

Red beetroot, butternut squash, leek, potatoes, kiwi, polenta, paprika, lentils, chili pepper, swede/rutabaga, fennel, quinoa, pistachio nuts, honey, plum tomatoes, bacon, citrus fruit, rabbit, offal and rosemary. These are the ingredients for this month’s edition of the Paper Chef and I’m going to do the draw with a Random number generator now! Just a minute and I’ll tell you what came up. Ha! 4, 16, 10 and 15 which means that the ingredients for this edition of PC are … potatoes, bacon, swede/rutabaga and plum tomatoes! It could have been a lot worse I think. So here are the rules again: You have time from now until Monday noon CET to create a dish with the four chosen ingredients in it, they have to be there all four of them but you are obviously allowed to add other ingredients as well. And if you are a vegetarian, vegan or suffer from food allergy or intolerance or cannot eat certain food for religious reasons you are allowed to substitute whatever it is you cannot eat with something similar that you can eat. Photos are not necessary and I would like to point out that it’s the recipes that are being judged, not the visual result. Send me the link of your blog post to luculliandelights AT gmail DOT com before 12 CET on Monday 4th of February (I accept late entries as long as they arrive before I have finished the round up that I plan to post on Tuesday) And please remember that this is for fun, it’s a great way to challenge your own culinary creativity and to get inspired by the creativity of other food bloggers. So get going, start moving those grey cells of yours and combine them with a good dose of intuition! I’m eager to see the results!
And let us remember that
Paper Chef is the brilliant creation of Owen of Tomatilla who because of lack of food blogging time has kindly allowed me to continue this favourite event of mine! Couldn’t be happier I could. (To speak like another favourite of mine)

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