What?! Finalist? In two categories?? Naaah….


I believe in the Wheel of Fortune, it goes round and round, you’re either on the down ride or you are on the uptake. Not to speak of when you are on the top and that’s where I feel as if I am right now. On The Top! Yesterday I discovered that I came in second among the Overall Winners of the Does My Blog Look Good In This with the Flubber photo above and 10 minutes ago I discovered that I’m a finalist in two of the categories of the yearly Food Blog Awards. One is the Rural category where I was a finalist last year as well and the other, and this I find absolutely wonderfully incredibly fantastic, is the Food Blog of the Year category! Can you believe it?! I will never win in either of the categories but it’s so incredible to have been selected among all these great food blogs that I am surrounded by! First of all I want to tell you that I am moved and so proud of your nominations, that was honour enough for me, it’s quite strange to sit here in the Italian countryside, cooking and writing, and be able to reach out to people in a way that makes them nominate you for an award. It’s actually quite incredible I think and especially when I think about it. And in several categories… And then to be one of the five finalists in these categories where I am among really popular and serious food bloggers, that’s just too much right now. I think I have to smoke a cigarette actually, these awards will drag me into debauchery… (And if I don’t de-grump now, nothing will ever help!)

Anyway, I was going to post a recipe but that will have to wait until tomorrow, I can’t concentrate right now. So first of all I suggest you to go to Zorra’s blog to see all the other winners of the DMBLGIT and then I suggest you to go and vote for the Food Blog Awards, I obviously hope that you will vote for me but also that you check out all the other categories, I have already voted and I was really happy to find several of my favourites there (just to mention a few of them). The voting is on until Friday the 14th so hurry hurry.

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